Risk Overview

Learn about the 6clicks Risk functionality


The 6clicks platform offers a suite of functionality regarding your risk and compliance needs. A core aspect of the 6clicks platform is the ability to send risk reviews en mass throughout an organisation to gather an in-depth risk profile. To generate risk reviews 6clicks provides an extensive risk library covering over forty risk domains. Risks can then be monitored via the risk register and be given a unique treatment plan.

If you already have a risk register, you can add your risks directly to the 6clicks risk register for on-going management without running a risk review.

Risk Review

Risk Reviews give organisations the ability to send various reviews throughout organisations to assess their risk profile. When respondents complete a review they identify risk affecting their organisation or business area and provide a risk rating based on the likelihood and potential impact. These reviews can then be monitored via the risk register and reporting functionality.

Risk Register

The 6clicks Risk Registers is a storage and monitoring solution for the risks facing organisations. Risks stored in the Register can be continually monitored and assessed and given a unique risk rating. Risk can be linked to your existing internal policies and external regulations. They can then be assigned a treatment plan and continually monitored. Learn how to add and manage risks here.

Risk Library

The 6clicks Risk Library provides over forty risk domains worth of risk to assess use for a Risk Review. Risk Libraries provide a base template that can be added according to an organisations needs. 

Risk Reporting

6clicks offers various risk reporting capabilities, including: