Risk Register Columns

Navigate to your risk register via the left navigation panel, select Risks, then Registers to open the Risk Registers screen.

Click the Manage Columns square. 

The Manage Columns will appear. The columns that appear are the columns currently presented on the risk register table. 

  • Columns can be reordered using the dots on the left side of the name. 
  • Columns can be removed using the dots on the right side of the name. 

Individualized columns can be added. These columns are based on custom data within the risk. The columns that are added are only viewable to the individual user. The column preference is also remembered.  Click here to learn how to add custom data. 

Click Add Column. 

The chosen column will appear in the risk register table.

Columns can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into a different positions. 

The column width can be adjusted to accommodate text length.