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Getting Started

Get started with 6clicks with some quick and easy guides

Hubs, Partners & Advisors

Information for customers using the 6clicks Hub capability

Task Management

Manage and complete tasks

Projects & Playbooks

Track and manage your risk and compliance projects and playbooks

Question-Based Assessments

Create, send, respond, and review the results of Question-Based Assessments

Requirement-Based Assessments

Create, send, respond and review the results of Requirement-Based Assessments


Onboard, assess, track, and manage your third-parties for a more secure supply chain

Trust Portal

Share self-assessments and policies with external stakeholders


Manage asset and other compliance-related registers

Issues & Incidents

Manage compliance-related issues and incidents

Risk Management

Learn all you need to know about the 6clicks risk functionality


Define and manage controls and control sets, including links to other objects


Compliance and mapping of authority documents using our AI engine Hailey


Track events and data streams across your organization

Reporting & Analytics

Access and customize reports and analytics


Attest to controls and risks


Import and manage vulnerabilities


Administration of users, groups and security settings


Manage Single Sign-On for your organization


Integrate 6clicks with your existing systems

Help and Support

Access other support resources available to 6clicks customers