Custom Registers and Custom Data Fields

You can create custom data fields

Custom data fields can be added to custom register items. To do this, head to Custom Data under Administration. Locate the table that corresponds to the custom register you have created.

Adding a custom attribute

Select the Add button.

Example of a New Record entry.

Enter the record details;

Label (required) – Name of the record created

Placeholder (Optional) – The Placeholder will be visible when the field is empty 

Type (required) – Select the type of record, this will depend on 

Enabled (Optional) – Tick to make the record available

Once completed, select the Save button at the bottom of the pop-out.

Edit the custom attribute record

Select the record, then select Edit.

Adding custom data to the dropdown records

Double click on the record.

Select Add at the top left of the popup.

This is an example of a filled base template for a dropdown record, enter the details as follows:

  •          Label (required) – Enter the label for the custom data
  •          Value (required) – Enter a value for the custom data
  •          Description (required) – Enter a description for the custom data

Delete the custom data

Select the custom data, then click Delete.

Edit the custom data

Double click on the record to edit the custom data.

Custom Data and Register Items

When creating register items custom data fields will be displayed.