Assessment Results

Learn how to view the results of an Assessment

Completion Status

Once an Assessment has been completed the status on the Assessment dashboard will change from published to complete

View Results

To view assessment results, click on the ellipses and then select Results.

Alternatively, open up the completed assessment and click results.

The Assessment Results screen allows you to easily view results and remediate identified areas of concern.

You can find specific questions by using the search and filters. 

Questions are organised and grouped by Domain, to toggle between each Domain select the Domain filter next to the Search box on the left-hand side.

To view the details of a particular question, simply click on the question the information will be displayed in the left side panel menu.


You can leave comments for each question when reviewing responses. Click the Comments dropdown in the left-hand side panel. Here you can type your comments and they will be saved automatically. 

Compliance Status

The compliance status allows you to quickly flag responses that are deemed compliant or not compliant. To change the compliance status, click on the Compliance Status dropdown and select the compliance status.

If you select Not Compliant, a red cross will appear next to the question in the table, while for Compliant, a green tick will appear.


If a respondent has uploaded documents as part of their response, these can be accessed from the Attachments dropdown. Click on the More button to download. You can also upload documents when reviewing by clicking on the plus button next to the Attachments header.


If the question is linked to controls or provisions, you can view these in the Provisions/Controls dropdown. 

Click on the provision or control to view its details.

Issues and Actions

You can also link issues to questions. To do this click on the plus button plus button next to the Issues & Actions header.

You can create new issues or link previously created issues. Click here to learn more.

Risks and Risk Treatment Plans

You can also link risks to questions. To do this click on the plus button plus button next to the Risks header.

You can create new risks or link previously created risks. Click here to learn more.

Assigning Reviewers

You can assign users to review responses. To do this, select a question then click on the plus button next to the Assign Reviewers button. Then select the user or users you would like to review the question. They will receive an email with a link that will take them directly to the question.

You can also bulk assign reviewers to responses by selecting the questions via the checkbox and then selecting the user you wish to assign.