Assessment Questions Overview

Learn about the various question types and how to add them in the 6clicks Assessment Builder

As the Questions are the key element that makes up an Assessment it is important to understand how each Question Type is created. There are six types of Questions and two Assessment types, the questions are how the user can respond and the Assessment types are what value the question and answers have.

Question Types

The six types of questions are as followed:

Multiple Choice - Users create a question and add a traditional multiple-choice response to select from. The can only be one selected-response when answering this question.

Checkbox - Respondents can select more than one response per Question.

Dropdown Menu - Allows users to select a response from a drop-down menu.

Short text Response- Allows respondents to write a 70 character response.

Long text Response- Allows respondents to write a 100 character response.

Parent & Child Questions - Questions can be grouped with an overarching question with multiple subquestions.

Question Logic

Assessment questions can also have conditional logic that skips certain questions relating to previous responses. To learn about skip logic, head here.

Assessment Types

Assessments are divided into two different types, the Risk Rating and the Weighted Questions. When creating an assessment the option is given to select from the two types or if an assessment is used from the Content Library the type is pre-determined.

Risk Question Type - User can assign risk ratings to individual Questions. Risk Question Type is also the default when creating a new assessment. Note this is a Global Question type, meaning all Response options can be assigned a Risk Rating.

Weighted Question Type - Questions are assigned an index/scoring framework for each Question. Note this is a Global Question type, meaning all Response options can be assigned a Weighting.


To learn how to use the Assessment Builder, head here.