Assessment Builder

Learn how to use the Assessment Builder to create Assessments


The assessment builder allows 6clicks users to create and edit assessments. 


To add a question click the Add question button.

The Add Question side panel now show an empty question to be created. The first box is for the actual question you are asking, then the question type can be selected from these options. Underneath that the answer section is determined by the type of question, either being a multiple-choice selection or a written response. Depending on the assessment type a weighted score or a risk rating can be assigned to the answers.

Note - There is also an Autofill option to automatically input certain responses ranging from yes/no, true/false and countries.

By clicking on bulk answeres, users can input text with a new line denoting new responses. This is useful for questions with a large array of answers.

Lastly, questions can be marked as Mandatory, a document upload as mandatory, attach a file that users can open with completing the assessment and finally saved.

Note - Questions can be assigned specific logic to skip them in the assessment builder, to learn more about skip logic, head here.

Edit a Question

Click on the question to edit them in the Assessment builder. You can click on the question text to change the question.

You can edit the description by selecting the description dropdown and editing directly in the text editor.

Edit the response options by clicking on one and updating the text.

You can also change the risk rating or weighted score. below we are changing the risk rating by clicking the risk rating.

The Target Response can be assigned to the question to show the expected response for that question. 


The domain a question belongs to can be changed by selecting the domain dropdown.

Mapping Provisions from Authority documents or Controls from Control Sets

When an assessment is linked to an Authority or Control Set each question can be mapped to a specific provision or control. 

In the above question editor, select Provisions and click the plus to bring up the associated provisions.

Any number of provisions can be added to the assessment.

They will now show the link in the Assessment Builder

Note - This does not affect how the responders will see the questions, this is for linking risk rating and other attributes to specific provision throughout the 6clicks platform.

You can also change the Control Set or Authority that will be linked to the assessment by returning the Overview side panel menu.

Under the Linked Data accordion, click on the Authority dropdown.

From this dropdown, you can also toggle between Authorities and Control Sets.


Domains are an important part of assessments as they allow groups of questions to be grouped under a common banner. To add domains click on the Overview dropdown option.

Click View list to see all current domains and manage them

This list panel allows all domains to be edited, added and removed.


Click the preview option under the More dropdown to bring up a preview of the assessment as the responders would see it. 

This is good for finalising and checking before publishing assessments.

When viewing the assessment results the target response column can be viewed by clicking the 'eye' symbol on the right-side panel. 



To learn how to publish an Assessment, head here.