Managing Risk Domains

Navigate to your risk register via the left navigation panel, select Risks, then Registers to open the Risk Registers screen.

Select More, then select Manage Fields.

Adding Risk Domains

Double click or click the ellipsis to the right of Risk Domain. The 'Risk Domain' field can be edited in this example it has been changed to 'Risk Category'. Double click the name to edit. Once edited press enter to save. 

Select the + button to add new Risk Domain. Select the Bulk Answers option to populate multiple categories at once.  If a Risk Domain is not pertinent to the organization select the 'x' next to the name to remove it. 

The Unassigned answer option cannot be edited or deleted. 

Any risk without a domain will have "Unassigned" by default.

When an answer option is deleted, all of the risks associated with that answer option will be moved to "Unassigned."

Upon deletion of this domain, a warning message will appear if there are risks associated with this domain. 

Adding Child Risk Domains

Click the ellipsis next to the Risk Domain. 

Select Add Child Field. 

Enter a Field Name and press enter to save. 

Select a parent domain (in this example Fraud is the parent domain) to add a child domain (in this example Money Laundering is the child domain). To add additional domains click the + button. Click the x to remove the domain. 


Select a risk from the risk table. Choose the Risk Domain with the Sub-Domain.


To view the Risk Domain column in the risk table follow this article