Question Based Assessment Overview

Learn the basics of 6clicks Question Based Assessment and how to get started


This article covers the four main parts of the 6clicks question based assessment cycle. These are the creation, sending, responding to and closing of assessments.

Question based assessments are best for where you need to send a questionnaire to a respondent and then review their responses, such as supply chain, vendor or third-party based assessments. If running internal audits or maturity assessments, we recommend the requirements based assessment.

Creating Assessments

To create a question based assessment you first need to make one from scratch or an existing template. You can then use the Assessment Builder to populate the questionnaire or import an assessment directly. To learn about the types of questions we offer and their use case head here. Before we send the assessment we first need to review and publish it.

Sending Assessments

To send a question based assessment you can assign users specific questions or questions to all respondents. Alternatively, if you have a large list of third parties you can bulk send as well.

Responding to Assessments

Responding to question based assessment involves being the recipient and learning how to answer questions and navigate the assessment module.

Closing Assessments

Once an assessment has been submitted you can review the results and assign issues and risks to each item. question based assessments can also be reopened for the chance to change answers, all answers are saved in different versions and can be addressed differently. Lastly, assessments can be used to generate reports and exported for further review.

Video Demonstration

The following video provides a quick glimpse of each step and how to get started with question based assessments.

HubSpot Video