Creating a Risk Library

Learn how to create and manage the 6clicks Risk Library

Risk Library

Navigate to your risk library via the left navigation panel, select Risks, then Library to open the Risk Libraries screen.

To create a new Risk Library, you will first need to select Risks to add to the Risk Library. Note that you cannot create a Risk Library without any Risks in it.

To create a new Risk Library, select the box next to the risk and click  Create New Library.

The Create Risk Library modal will appear, add Title (mandatory), Description (optional), and upload a logo (optional). Add the relevant details for your new Risk Library, then click the Create Risk Library button.

The Saved successfully confirmation pop-up will appear at the bottom left of the screen and the Risk Library page will refresh.

To navigate to the newly created Risk Library, enter the name in the search bar or click the Risk Library filter and select the Risk Library you just created.

You can add more risks to your Risk Library by either creating new risks or importing risks (see below).

Create a New Risk

Clicking on the New Risk button will display the Risk modal. These  Risks are used as part of risk identification in Risk Reviews

  1. Name of Risk (mandatory)
  2. Description of Risk (mandatory)
  3. Risk Category (mandatory): categories are predefined and controlled by 6clicks
  4. Risk Library: choose the Risk Library you just created
  5. Common Cause (mandatory): here, you will enter in the common causes of your Risk. Note that each new line in the textbox will create a new dot point, which will display in the mobile app as per the image below: 
  6. Potential Impact (mandatory): here you will enter the common impacts of your risk. Note that each new line in the textbox will create a new dot point which will display in the mobile app as per the image below:

Click the Create Risk button.

Once you have created the Risk, it will appear at the top of the Risk Libraries list.

Adding a Risk to Another Library

Risk can be added to other Libraries by clicking on the box next to the risk and then selecting add to Existing Library.

Import Risks

To bulk import risks click More, and next click Import Risks.

Click Download Template.

You will need to upload the correct template, which you can find here, with the following headings:

Name: The name of the risk.

Description: The description of the risk

CommonCause: Add the common causes of the risk. Each common cause for the risks needs to be on a new line within the cell.

PotentialImpact: Add the potential impacts of the risk. Each potential impact for the risks needs to be on a new line within the cell.

Category: Select a category for the risk. See here for all categories.

RiskLibrary: Add the name of the risk library you want to add the risk to. If you enter in the name of a risk library that does not yet exist in your team, after importing the risk library will be created.

Some things to note:

  • Common Cause and Potential Impact: a new line in the cell will create a new dot point in the mobile UI
  • The category must align to a Risk Category that exists.
  • ALL fields in the template must have data (i.e. no blank fields). If there are blank fields the risk library will not function correctly
  • You can also add the name of a risk library in the import file that does not yet exist. This will automatically create a new risk library with the name you have entered. 
  • You cannot add risks to the default 6clicks risk libraries.

As an example:

You can see that the risk named ‘Bulk Import Risk 1’ will appear in the mobile as per the image below:


To import your template, select Browse and import the template. Click Upload.

Select relevant Library to view the newly imported Risks.

Adding already created risks to your Risk Library

You can also add risks from other risk libraries to your new Risk Library.

Select the Risks in the Risk Library table, then select Add to Existing Library to open the Add to Risk Library modal.

Select a Risk Library from the drop-down list then click the Add Risk button.

Navigate back to your newly created Risk Library to see the Risks have now been added.

There is also a quick link in each individual Risk to Add to Existing Library. 

Click on the dots icon next to the Risk name.

The dots icon also appears in the table view, providing options to mark as favorite which can be used for filtering and grouping Risks, create a copy of the Risk, and archive the risk.

Now that you have added your Risks, the next step is to Publish your Risk Library, so it is available to be used for Risk Reviews.

Select the Risk Library Name above the Risks table to view the Risk Library you want to Publish, then select Status dropdown and click Publish.

Your Risk Library is now available for use in Risk Reviews in the web app and mobile app.

You can archive risks by selecting the risk then clicking Archive. This will remove the risk from the risk library table and the risk library it is associated with.