Pushing content to existing spokes

Different types of content can be pushed to existing spokes, this article will cover:

  • Audits & Assessments
  • Projects & Playbooks
  • Control Sets
  • Authorities

Select Audits & Assessments from the left side panel in the HUB.

Select an Assessment template to be added to a spoke. If there are no assessment templates present. Select the  Content Library to download a template. Click here to learn how. 

Select the 'Add to Clients' button if the Assessment is to be added directly to a client. Select the 'Add to Client Templates' button to add the assessment to a client template. 

Add the Assessment Template to one or more clients from the client list by selecting the check box next to them. 

Add the Assessment Template to one or more client templates from the client list by selecting the check box next to them. 

Once added, a message will appear to verify they have been successfully added. 

In the HUB, under the Assessment Templates, a HUB and Spoke icon will appear in the assessment row. Hovering over this icon will show detailed information on the current status of the template. This information contains the following: 

  • Template version - the template version that has been added to spokes
  • Added by - who added the template
  • Date and time - the date and time is was added
  • Number of clients added - the count of clients the template was added to

Select Audits & Assessments Templates in the spoke to view the newly added assessment. 

To push Projects & Playbooks first navigate to the area in the hub.

From here you will see all projects & Playbooks that you have added to your hub. Select the items you wish to push using the tick box.

Now select "Add to Clients".

Next you will be prompted to confirm your selection from an overview. 

Once Confirmed you will be asked to select the Spokes to push the content to. 

Once pushed, you will receive a message notifying you that the content has been pushed. 

For control sets, the process is largely the same. First Navigate to the control sets area using the button on the left hand side. 

Following the same steps as previously, select the control sets you would like to push with the tick boxes on the left hand side and select "Add to Clients". 

Next select the clients you wish to push the content to and click the push icon in the bottom right. 

When the content has been pushed, a notification box will let you know the process is done. 

For authorities the process is largely the same, first navigate to authorities. 

Select the Authority document you wish to push, click the three dots and select "Push to business". 

Select the business you wish to push the content to, then click push. 

Once completed a message will confirm that content has been pushed. 

Viewing the Activity Log

The activity log shows the following information: 

  • The individual who pushed the content
  • The version of the content that was pushed
  • The date it was pushed
  • The clients it was pushed to

The activity log can be viewed on any piece of content that can be pushed to a business. 

To view the activity of a piece of content navigate to the module of content in question. In this example, it will be a control set. 

Once there, click on the piece of content. 

Next click the activity log. 

The activity log allows you to see everywhere a piece of content has been pushed, whom it was pushed by as well as the version number and the date it was pushed.