Creating spoke/client templates

Our client template functionality allows Partners to create templates that can be used to easily spin-up prepopulated client accounts to support different types of engagements.

Creating a new Client Template

To create a new Client Template, select the Create Client button at the top right of the screen.

Select Create client template.

  1. Select the functionality tier respective to the client.
  2. Enter Client template name. 
  3. For more information on client licensing, click here.

A confirmation pop-up will appear to advise of the successful creation of the client template, click the Ok button to continue.


    Customize a Client Template

    To customize a specific template,

    Using the type filter select Templates, to filter content to show all templates.

    Select Go to respective client to start customizing the selected template. 

    When accessing the client template a blue information banner will be visible along the top panel to notify you that you are in a client template and not a real/live client account.

    Once in the client template, you can setup the client template by adding and creating the relevant content.  

    Select items from the Content Library to add to the template.

    Download Authorities, which can be accessed from the Compliance screen.

    Create standard Assessment Templates, or download from the  Content Library. Select Audits and Assessments and then templates to display the templates table.

    Note - Assessments cannot be created or sent form a client template.

    Controls can be created or imported from the  Content Library. 

    Create and import Risk Registers and Risks.

    Create and import Issues and Incidents.

    Create Projects & Playbooks templates or download from the  Content Library.

    Custom Data can be added/edited.

    Note that users cannot be added to the client template as it is not a real/live client account.

    Now you have created a client template, learn how to create a new client using a template here.