Locking Audit and Assessment Templates for Editing

This feature applies only to Audits & Assessments that are created from the Hub (or Partner instance) then published to the exclusive marketplace.

Use Case

This feature enables organizations or partners that want to lock audit and assessment template content for editing before publishing to the exclusive marketplace. This means that if a locked template is downloaded in a client or entity environment, it cannot be modified by the client or entity before use. 

Hub View

Select Audits & Assessments from the Hub. 

Select an existing assessment or select create assessment button to create a new assessment. 

Once the assessment has been created or selected. Click the Status button and change it from Draft to Approved.

Click the Status button again and change it from Approved to Published. A modal will appear. Slide the slider next to Publish assessment template to the marketplace. 

A modal will appear, fill in the Headline, Market Category, Tags, and Short Description.  In this modal, there is the option to Lock the template for Entities. This means once the locked template has been published to the Marketplace it cannot be edited if and when downloaded by the entity. 

Once the assessment has been published to the marketplace, a lock will appear indicating the assessment has been locked and cannot be edited. 

Entity View 

Navigate to the Marketplace. 

Select the assessment and click Add Content 

The locked assessment will appear under Audit & Assessment Templates. 

Select Create Assessment and choose the locked template. 

Once the assessment is created it will remain in published status. Any data associated with the template will be locked. I.e. If a control set is associated with the locked template, the control set will also be locked.