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Using Projects & Playbooks

Plan and organise all of your team's work in one place

As your team grows, so does the work it takes for your projects to get done. 6clicks projects allows you to plan and organise all of your team's work in one place via structured lists of tasks.

To access projects, click on the Projects & Playbooks menu item on the left. 

When accessing the projects module, there are two tabs, Projects and Templates. Projects displayed a list of live projects, while Templates stores template projects from which you can create projects. You can create template projects or download them from the Content Library.

Creating a Project

To create a project, click the Create project/playbook button on the top right of the project screen.

When creating a new project, you can choose whether to create a new project from scratch or select a previously made project or project template to create from.

Creating from Scratch

When creating a project from scratch, you will need to enter the project name. You can also enter a project description. Both of these can be updated later. You can save the project as either a normal project or a template.

Once the project has been created, you will be taken to the project. The centre of the screen is where you create projects tasks (1), while the side panel shows the details of the project (2).

Creating from Existing or Template

When choosing to create from an existing or template, you can select from either a project template you have created or a previously created project.

Adding and Moving Tasks

To add your first task, simply type into the task field and hit enter. A task will be created as per the below image.

You can add as many tasks as you like. You can also add subtasks by clicking on the + Add Subtask button under each task.  

You can add as many subtasks as you like under each task.

You can also move tasks and subtasks by clicking and dragging the task. Note that you cannot make subtasks parent tasks and you cannot make parent tasks subtasks.

Tasks and subtasks can be closed by clicking on the checkbox. If you close a task with subtasks, all the subtasks will also be closed.

Tasks and subtasks can also be deleted by clicking on the trash icon. If you delete a task that has subtasks, all the subtasks will also be deleted.

Task Details

The details of tasks and subtasks are displayed in the righthand side panel when clicking the on task. In the task details you can:

  1. View and update the task name. To update double click on the name.
  2. Add, view and update task description. To add or update click on the Aa icon.
  3. Change the status of the task. The two statuses are Open and Closed.
  4. Add an assignee. Anyone assigned a task will see it in their My Tasks.
  5. Add a due date. When the due date is reached, the assigned will be sent an email reminder.
  6. Upload and download documents in the Documents tab.
  7. Add comments. Any user can leave comments.

Project Details

The project itself also has details that can be viewed from the right-side panel. 

The project details side panel allows you to:

  1. View and update the project name. To update double click on the name.
  2. Add, view and update project description.
  3. Change the status of the project. Closing the project closes all tasks and makes all tasks non-editable. You can change the status back to Open and this will unlock all the tasks, but they will all be set as Closed. You can reopen tasks after changing the project status back to Open.
  4. Update the project owner.
  5. Add project tags. Tags can be used for filter on the project table.