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Renaming the Controls Module and related label references across 6clicks

The control module can be renamed by going to Administration > Settings > Custom Labels.

Here you can rename the Controls Module, as well as where the application uses the phrases Control Set, Control Sets, Control and Controls.

Update the text to meet your use case, and then hit the Save button (top right). You can see in the below example the module has been updated to support Obligations.

After clicking save, wherever those phrases are referred to across the platform, the custom values added (in this case Obligations) will be used. The Control Module field updates the name of the module.

The other four fields update everywhere else, for example the Control Set (Singular) is used in the New dropdown.

Another example is in the New Assessment modal.

An example of where the Controls (Plural) field has been updated to Obligations in the assessment module for a requirements based assessment (RBA).