Creating custom registers

Learn how to create custom registers for events or items like breaches, gifts, or conflicts of interest within the 6clicks Registers module.

Create a Register

From the navigation menu, select Registers.

This will open the Registers page where you can create and access custom registers. Click New Register to create a new register.

The Create Register modal will open. Enter a unique name for the register then click Create Register.

This will create and open the new register within the Register Details page where you can now add or import items.

Select Settings to edit the name of the register.

You can then edit the Name field as necessary and click Save to update the register.

To start adding items to the register, click New Item.

This will open the New Register Item modal. From the Details tab, fill in the Name, Description, Owner, and Tags fields.

You can also upload necessary documents under the Documents tab. Once done, click Create Item.

Now the new item is added to the register and listed under the Register Details page.

You can add more items and then export the entire register by clicking Export. Choose which columns will be displayed in the Excel file by using the Column filter.

You can use the Filter by Users or Filter by Tags fields to sort the items in the register or use the search bar to find a specific register item.

You can also create a new register item by selecting New at the top-right corner of the dashboard and choosing from the drop-down list.

Alternatively, you can bulk import items to the register by clicking Import. This will open the Import Data modal. Click Download Template to download a CSV template where you can enter the details of each register item and then upload them all at once. After editing the template, save the file then go back to the Import Data modal and click Browse to select and upload the edited template. Once uploaded, the new register will be populated with the items you listed in the template.

Learn more about adding items to a custom register.