Access Member for Asset and Custom Registers

Access Member Overview

Selected users can only see and access Asset and Custom Registers where they have been added to the access list. By default, administrators have access to Asset and Custom Registers. When a non-admin user creates an Asset or Custom Register, they are automatically added to the access list.

Select Registers from the left navigation panel.

Select the Asset or a Custom Register from the module.


Select More then Settings. 

Click on the text line under "Access Members". 

Select user(s) from the list. 

Added users will appear under Access Members. 

Add or Remove Viewing Register Role Permission 

Allowing role permission enables the specified role to View all Registers in the register module. If the View all Registers permission is removed from the role, then the user can only see risks that they have access to. 

Click on Administration from the left navigation panel. 

Select Roles under Administration. 

Roles can be added by clicking Create a Role. (1) A current role can be chosen from the table as well. (2)

If a new role is created, permissions will appear after clicking Create Role. If an existing role is present, select the role and click Edit to edit role permissions. 

Select Permissions.

Scroll down the list until the Register/Asset access members folder appears. (1) Select View all Registers. (2) A blue check indicates the permission has been selected. If a blue check is not present, the permission has not been selected.