User Roles

Learn how to manage user roles and permissions through the Admin Dashboard

This article will cover how to assign users specific roles and manage the permissions associated with them. Roles can escalate privileges for users' accounts or remove specific functionality based on role permissions.

User Management

Navigate to user management by selecting Administrator then Users on the left side panel.

This dashboard displays information regarding all users in your 6clicks team account.

User Roles

Roles in 6clicks are used to group permissions and access users have on the 6clicks application. By default, the first user to create a team in 6clicks is the Administrator. Subsequent users are then assigned the "User" role. This can be changed as per the below Role Management.

To change a user's role in the User Management dashboard select the user, then select edit.

Select Roles 

As you can see this account has access to four different Roles, this user has been assigned the "User" role. To change roles simply select the roles required and then save.

Role Management

Roles can be created edited, created, and deleted as required under the roles page.

Select Roles under Administration.

The default roles are listed below

Edit a Role

To edit a Role select an entry then edit.

The Name of the role can be changed and can be made default under the "Role name" Tab

Under the Permissions tab, all 6clicks functionality can be assigned and changed as per the Role requirements. 

New Role

Select New Role to create a blank role that can be assigned any required permissions, name, and saved as required.

New roles can now be assigned to users as required as per the above instructions.