Viewing Assessment Control Responsibilities

Enables the user to view control responsibilities within a requirements-based assessment.

To learn about creating and publishing RBAs, head here

Responsibilities and related responsibility tasks can be viewed without having to leave the RBA. This is designed to quickly see control responsibility tasks' status and prove control performance.

Responsibility tasks can be viewed in an RBA conducted against a control set or an RBA conducted against an authority. For this update to work, the control set must have assigned responsibilities linked to its controls for the former. While, in the latter, the provisions in the authority must link to controls within a control set, which in turn link to responsibility tasks. The key here is that controls and provisions directly or indirectly link to responsibilities within 6clicks.

When responding to an RBA, click on a requirement and select the Requirement Details tab in the right-side panel.

The Requirement Details tab contains the following:

  1. Control ID
  2. Control Title
  3. Control Description
  4. Control Set Name
  5. Control Set Domain
  6. Linked Provision 
  7. Linked Responsibilities 

Click the Clipboard next to the Responsibility name to view the task.

This modal will show the control responsibility overview.

  1. Control ID
  2. Control Title
  3. Control Description
  4. Control Assignee
  5. Control Owner
  6. Control Tasks
  7. Comments on the control responsibility task
  8. Attachments on the control responsibility task