The Partner Dashboard

Familiarise yourself with the 6clicks Partner Dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

The Partner Dashboard displays a list of all your clients. here you can manage and access all information relating to your clients.

OneClick Connector

Your OneClick Connector is displayed above your client table which can be shared with clients, which is used to invite your clients onto the platform. To learn more about onboarding clients click here.

Search Clients

The top panel allows you to search for specific clients and filter clients via tags that have been added by your team.

By default, the dashboard only shows clients that the specific user has been assigned too. In the drop-down menu, you can search through all clients and client templates.

Remove Clients

You can also remove clients from your client table by selecting the client and on the left-hand side 1) select the client you wish to remove and then 2) Archive button.

To get started with the 6clicks Partner platform learn how to create and manage Assessments and Risk Reviews.