Creating a New Client

To create a new client, partners have two options, either import an existing template or from scratch.

Create a Client

Note- Learn how to create a client template from scratch here.

From your Dashboard, select the Create client at the top right of the screen.

In the New Client Setup click on Create Client from Scratch or Create client from template. 

  1. Select the functionality tier respective to the client.
  2. Enter the client's name.
  3. Assign your advisors to the client using the Select advisors dropdown
    Note- Advisors will be administrators as default. Advisors users always have full access to client teams. The newly created client team will have the full Risk & Compliance feature set as default.
  4. Add client users.
    Note- Client users don't have to be added at this stage and can be left blank for you to invite at a later stage. For more information on client licensing and billing, click here.

Click Create Client and a pop-up will appear to confirm the successful creation of the Client.


The client will now appear in your Client List on the Dashboard as Active. 

By default, any newly created client team will have the full Risk & Compliance feature set. Licenses for client users can be bought later at the discretion of the advisor or client.

You can access the client team by clicking the Go To [client name] button for any of the clients you are an Advisor for.

The client account can now be accessed and further customization can be completed as required.

Learn more about the Client Management Dashboard here.