Creating Actions

Issue Actions are generated from an Issue and managed with the user-friendly Tasks functionality which provides great visibility across all Action modals within the application.

Issue Actions have a Status, Name, Description, Due Date, and Owner and will always be linked to their parent Issue.

View Issue Actions

Select Issues & Incidents from the left panel to navigate to Actions, then click Actions at the top right of the Issues & Incidents screen.

image 1-Oct-13-2021-05-19-47-11-PM

This will then open the Task Dashboard that automatically filters to Issue Actions. 

(Learn more about Tasks here)

image 2-Oct-13-2021-05-21-03-45-PM

Adding a new Issue Action 

Issue Actions are generated from an Issue via the Issue Details screen.

Navigate to the Issue Details screen by selecting a record from the Issues & Incidents screen.

(To learn how to create an Issue, please click here)image 3-Oct-13-2021-05-22-28-58-PM

Actions are created from the side panel, type in the Action name, and hit enter.

Note - the parent Issue must have a status of Edit to be able to add Actions.


When the name is entered, a new side panel will appear; this allows you to edit the details of the issue action. You can add a description, add an owner, due date and change the status.


To learn how to address this action, head here.

To learn how to assign third-party/vendor users (response only users) to issue actions, head here