Assigning third-party/vendor users (response only users) to issue actions

Response only users (learn more here) can be assigned issue actions. To assign a response only user an issue action, head to the issues and incidents module and select an issue.

Next, in the issue details page, link the third party to the issue by first selecting the plus button below the Third-Parties label.

Toggle on the third party you want to link to the issue, then click Add.

The third-party should be displayed. You can add multiple third parties to an issue.

To assign a user to an action, select the action (1) and then choose the third party the response only user belongs to (2). You can only link one third party to an action.

Lastly, select the user you want to assign as the action owner.

The user will receive an email and will be able to log in, access and update the issue action.