Risk Registers - Bulk update

To bulk update Risk Registers click on Risks and then Registers 

Once you click on Registers you will have a similar view from your end 

Click on Risk Owner and filter by the Owner you can either search or select the owner you are looking for, once the owner has been selected you will see a list of registers that belong to that owner

Select the risk you would like to bulk edit on the left hand side then click on Edit

An Edit Risk window will open up on the right hand side. If for instance you want to edit "Treatment Status" click on the Add Fields and Data and search for Treatment Status 

Once you select Treatment Status then you will have the options to select from the dropdown list 

Select the option you like then hit Save to update the risks you selected

To bulk add a column to your risks, once you have selected your risks click on Manage Columns 

In Managed Columns window click "Add Columns" 

Select the column you wish. For this example we will select State 

Click on Edit with your risks selected 

On the Edit Risks field select the field you wish to Edit, in this case State

And then you can bulk update your risks by selecting one or multiple states 

Once you have selected the state(s) click Save


When finished your column will look like this