Managing Trust Portal Control Sets

Managing Trust Portal Control Sets

Once Control Sets have been added to your Trust Portal Profile they will be displayed under the Policies & Control Sets tab.

To learn how to add Control Sets to your Trust Portal Profile click here.

To view details, select the View Control Set button to the right of each item listed under the Policies & Control Sets tab of your Trust Portal screen.

The Control Set Viewer screen presents the details of the policy when viewed by someone you have invited to access your Trust Portal, defaulting to the details page upon opening.

The search function at the top middle of the screen provides efficient access to a specific item when needed.

Use the arrow (3) to switch between control sets and also click on the arrow point down to see a full list of the Control Sets and select the one you would like to.               

At the bottom left of each control to select or deselect a detailed view of each item, including responsibility and description.

  1. Control Set name.
  2. Search for a specific Control Set. 
  3. View and Select the appropriate Control Set by clicking in the arrow pointing down.
  4. Details of the Control Set which will match with #3.
  5. Download a PDF file of your Control Sets, once you click Download a window will pop-up asking whether you "Would like to include linked provisions in the PDF" and click Yes or No and PDF file will download with the Control Sets details. 

6. Go back to Trust Portal.

Note: Regarding #5 the Download option is permission-based and only available for TrustPortal and Attestation by default it's enabled but you have the option to disable it if you wish.

Managing Trust Portal Control Sets

To remove a Control Set, simply select the Remove option to the right of the Control Set (1), a pop-up will appear giving you options to confirm or cancel (2).

Select More at the top right of the screen and click on Preview to view the information and layout that your users will have.

And this is how the layout will look for the user. Select the Control Sets tab to view the Control Sets you have selected to share.

Once you are satisfied with the Control Set information in your Trust Portal, update the status from Inactive to Live from the top right of the Trust Portal screen.

Select Share Profile to open the email modal (1), complete the contact details of the receiver and add a personalized message (optional) in the comments section (2).

Select the Share button to send the email (3).

A pop-up at the bottom left of your screen confirms your invitation has been sent successfully.

If the invitation could not be sent successfully you will receive a message providing relevant details and prompts for navigation and actions required to resolve.

The Trust Portal users screen provides the ability to manage users and profile access of all contacts that have been sent an invitation.

Actions provide the ability to resend link, revoke invitation, copy link, and delete a user profile.

The Actions list also displays which Trust Portal Profile each contact can access.

For information on how to Register and Access Trust Portal Profiles via Email Invitation click here