Sharing Your Trust Portal Profile

Share your Trust Profile

To share your Trust Profile, you first need to change its status from Inactive to Live.

To do this, click the Status dropdown and then select Live.

Next, is to share the Profile with a specific user, to do this, hit the Share Profile button.

Fill out the details of the user you want to share the Trust Profile with and then hit Share.

The user will then receive an email to sign up and access the Trust Profile that was shared with them.

Below is what they'll see when accessing the Trust Profile that has been shared with them.

 To manage the users you have invited to access your Trust Profile, hit the User Access button on the top right.

Here you can see all the users you have invited to your respective Trust Profiles. You can Resend or copy links, and Revoke user access from here.

Lastly, you can change the Status of your Trust Profile back to Inactive, and this will mean any user you has access to the Trust Profile can no longer see it.

You can always return it to Live whenever you like.

Learn more about Trust Portal Profiles here.