Trust Portal: Making Profiles Public

Control who can view and access content in your Trust Portal.

Users can now make their profiles public and generate a link to share with external users. Before making a profile public, users will receive a confirmation notification regarding the actions that will take place. By default, all items in a public profile will be unlocked, meaning that external users can see all the items in the profile without any limitations. However, if the external user logs in, they will not see any difference and will have the same view as a regular user. Users now have the ability to lock or unlock items, including documents, which can be linked to assessment and controls.

  • Login to the Trust Portal using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the profile that you want to make public.
  • Click on the "Make Public" button and confirm the action.
  • The system will generate a link that you can share with external users.
  • You can choose to lock or unlock specific items in the profile, including documents.

It is important to note that if you make your profile public, all items in the profile will be visible to external users, so ensure that you have reviewed the items and locked any sensitive information before making the profile public.

Public profiles can also be made private again due to the following:
  1. The public shared link won’t work anymore for external users.
  2. Users need to be specifically invited to the profile again (as it’s a private profile now).
  3. If the user makes this profile public again, the link shared earlier will work again.

By selecting the lock icon you can toggle between private and public. Locking this content means it's only accessible to those individuals under the User Management tab. 

To view Users that have access navigate to the User Management tab

Users under the User Management tab will have access and can view all public profiles in the team, Users will not need to invite them to a public profile specifically.

Here you have the ability to:

  • Add Users
  • Resend Invite link
  • Revoke access
  • Copy User details
  • Delete Users

If a public profile is locked Users also have the ability to request access. External users can request access to locked content in the public profile. Once they request access the owner will receive a notification for request of access. The requests can be approved or rejected from the requests tab in the User Management tab, the approved users will be added as users in their trust portal

The Trust Portal offers users the ability to share their profiles with external users by generating a link. Users can lock or unlock items, including documents, and link them to assessments and controls. By following the steps outlined above, users can easily control who has access to view certain items in your Trust Portal.