Creating a Trust Portal Profile

The Trust Portal is designed to help you easily share your internal risk and compliance assessments with your customers, regulators and whoever else you want to share your bona fides with.

The Trust Portal is all about getting on the front foot of building transparency and trust with the relevant stakeholders and customers.

Specifically, the Trust Portal allows you to share company and product information, assessment results (think ISO 27001) and any supporting documentation.

1. Complete your internal assessments

You will first need to complete an internal assessment. You can add as many assessments as you want to your Trust Portal. To complete an internal assessment, please view this article: Creating a Self Assessment.

2. Create your Trust Profile(s)

The Trust Portal allows you to create Trust Profiles.

Trust Profiles can be used to share information and assessments with the relevant stakeholders. Access to Trust Profiles is controlled at the individual Trust Profile level. Your team can have one or many Trust Profiles. For instance, a company may have only one product or service which they need to share relevant information and thus would only need one Trust Profile.

Alternatively, a company may have multiple products and services and thus may require multiple Trust Profiles for each product or service.

The Trust Portal and Trust Profiles are flexible to meet whatever your needs are.

Create a Trust Profile

Select Trust Portal from the left navigation panel, click the Profile dropdown, then click Add Profile.
A new Profile field will appear in the dropdown where you can edit the Profile name to match your needs.

Click the Save icon to confirm and generate the new Trust Profile record.
Edit your Trust Profile

Click the Edit button within the Overview and Contact Details section to add details, and click Save to confirm changes.

Click the Add Assessment button and select one or multiple assessments to add to your Trust Profile.

Note - Only Internal Assessments can be added to a Trust Profile (assessments that have been created and responded to by members within your Team). 

The Assessments selected will appear in the  Completed Assessments section of your Trust Profile.

You can view the results by clicking the View Results button and you can also remove the results by clicking the Remove button.

Add supporting documents by clicking the Browse button, then Upload. The document details will appear in the table below once uploaded successfully.

Lastly, you can preview the Trust Profile by clicking the Preview button on the top right of the screen.

You can also add Control Sets to your Trust Portal Profile.