Control Set to Authority Gap Analysis - Linking Issues and Actions to Provisions

Creating Provision Details Issues and Actions 

When viewing the Provision Details, you can link issues and actions to provision. To do this, firstly click on the provision you want to add an issue and action to, then click the plus button in the Issues & Actions component in the side panel.

From here, you can either create a new issue in the Create New tab (1), or select an existing issue under the Existing tab (2).

Creating New Issue

To create a new issue, enter in the name of the issue, and then hit Enter on the keyboard.

After hitting Enter, the issue will be created and added to the issue register. From here you can:

  1. Update the status of the issue
  2. Set the priority of the issue
  3. Select the issue type
  4. Select the owner of the issue
  5. Update who identified the issue
  6. Update the date the issue was reported
  7. Set the due date of the issue
  8. Add a description

You can also update the name of the issue by double-clicking on the issue's name.

Linking Existing Issues

To link an existing issue that has already been created in 6clicks, select the Existing tab.

From here you can browse for issues. To link an issue to the question response, click the Add button.

You can also view issues that have already been linked to the issue by selecting the Linked filter.

Viewing Linked Issues

To view the issues that have been linked to the question, click the back button next to Issue Details.

The list of issues is displayed in the Issues & Actions component in the side panel.

To view the details of an issue, or to unlink, click the Action button next to the issue name.