Control Set to Authority Gap Analysis

Leveraging Hailey AI, clients and partners are now able to map their internal policies and control sets to authority documents automatically and action on any gaps within the platform using the 6clicks Issues and Actions functionality.

Controls to Provisions Mapping 

Select Policies and Control Sets from the left navigation panel to navigate to the Policies and Control Sets screen.

All Controls are displayed within the table with key criteria visible to provide the ability to sort, also offering a dedicated controls search bar.

Select a Policy or Control from the table (1). If no Policies or Controls are present, click on Create  Control Set on the top right (2). Learn how to Create Control Set, here

Select the Mappings tab.

Select Create New Mapping on the top right of the screen (1). An alert will appear on the screen "Is this policy or control set for cyber security or privacy?" Select Yes to proceed (2).

Select the Authority or Authorities you would like to map to Acceptable Use using Hailey (1). Note that currently, Hailey only supports cyber security and privacy policies and control sets. Select Scan to start the scan (2).  Learn how to import authorities from the Content Library, here

This message will appear when Hailey is mapping the control set.  

The Create New Mapping button will change to Hailey is Mapping while the mapping is in progress.

The notification will appear in the user's email and the notification bell located at the top right of the screen in the taskbar. Click on the bell to view notifications. 

Click on the arrow next to the Control to view the mapped target authority (1). Hailey will automatically link provisions that have an 80% or more match to the control. Click the Link on the right of the provision to manually link to the control (2). The hand symbol means the provision has already been manually linked for provisions that are less than 70% similar according to Hailey (3). 

The Control Details are on the right of the screen. 

Additional Provisions can be added by clicking the + next to Provisions. These Provisions will then be manually added which is represented by the hand as mentioned above. 

Additional provisions are provisions added from the Content Library that can additionally be linked to the control.


On the Mappings tab at the top of the table are filter options.

Map shows the Source and the Target. In this example, from Controls to Provisions. The reverse is available by clicking the arrows. 

The Search bar allows for searching through the control set. 

The Domain filter filters through domains by clicking on the check box next to each one.

The Authority filter filters through authorities by clicking on the check box next to each one. 

More filters show additional filters. Clicking on more filters shows the Controls and Provisions filters. 

The Control filter filters through linked and non-linked provisions or controls by clicking the check box next to each.  

The Provisions filter filters through auto-linked or manually linked provisions by clicking on each. 

Click Clear to clear all applied filters. 

Clicking compare open a field below the table that compares the control vs. provision. The controls and provisions can be scrolled through by clicking the arrows at the bottom of each respectively. 

If the provision has not been matched to the control, clicking the link will manually link them.

Click the pop-out option to see an in-depth comparison between the control and provision. 

In-depth view

Provisions to Controls Mapping 

All functions of Controls to Provisions apply to Provisions to Controls. Any differences are mentioned below. 

Click on the reverse icon to switch to Provisions to Controls mapping. 

Select the Authority and Control set from the filter taskbar. You can also select multiple control sets to see how the authority maps to each one.

Click the arrow next to the provision to view the control mapping. 

Provision Detail is on the right of the screen. 

Additional Controls can be added by clicking the + next to Controls. These Controls will then be manually added which is represented by the hand.

Issues and Actions can be linked to the Provision by clicking the + next to Issues and Actions.