Questions with Skip Logic

Learn how to use the Assessment Builder to add logic to your questions

In the 6clicks Assessment Builder, we can add logic to questions that will hide them based on the responses of previous questions. To set up we need to have a question that we want to hide based on certain conditions and a previously answered question to check those conditions.


Before we set up a question to skip, first ensure the previous question is either a multiple-choice or dropdown menu question.

Note - Parent/Child questions also can have logic applied to them as long as the child subquestion is also either a multiple-choice or dropdown menu question.

You can review your question type here:

In the Assessment Builder > Select the conditional question

Logic Setup

Select the question you want to apply the skip logic and select Skip Condition. This side panel now allows you to apply and the previous question in the assessment and check for specific responses, you can add as many conditions and questions as required.

To apply a skip, select the Domain you wish to choose the question from and then the specific question. Now the select answer will allow you to select any of the possible answers, this can be either one or all of the possible answers.

Select Add to add this skip condition to this question.

The Skip Condition is added and can be edited or deleted. Also, note that you can add additional conditions to this question as required.

Testing Question Logic

To ensure question logic is working as intended it is good practice to Preview the assessment and test it out yourself.

Navigate to the Preview of the Assessment in the Builder.

As you can see, the question that could be skipped based on its logic is visible by default:

If the condition to skip is met, in this case, a "Yes" response to question 3.4 then the question is gone and number of questions reduced in the assessment.


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