Bulk Sending Assessments

Learn how to send out your assessments in bulk to third party vendors.

Before bulk sending, you will first need to import your third parties

Bulk sending an assessment

Select the Third-Parties you would like to bulk send to by clicking the checkboxes.

Once selected, click on the Action dropdown, and then hit Bulk Send. 

The Bulk Send modal will then appear, and you can select the Assessment Template(s) you wish to send to the selected Third-Parties/Clients.

You can create a product/engagement (this label can be customised), add a custom message if you’d like, which will be added to the email they receive, and finally, you can set an assessment due date.

You can also filter by tags, risk, criticality, geography and custom attributes to sort the list of third parties you want to bulk send the assessment to.


After hitting Send, the assessments will be sent to all the selected third parties. To learn how to track the progress of these assessments, head here.