Authority Manual Mapping

For documents that Hailey does not have access for mapping purposes, you can manually map Authorities using the 6clicks Mapper.

To do this, navigate to the Authority Module.

The next step is to select the Source Authority.

This is the Authority document that you will use to map to Target Authorities.

The Source to Target relationship is one-to-many, meaning you can map one Source Authority to many Target Authorities. 

Clicking on the Authority will take you to the Provisions page of that Authority.

Click on the Mappings tab to be taken to the Mapper.

The Mappings tab displays two sub-tabs:

  1. All - shows all Source Provisions and their associated mappings
  2. Matched - shows all Source Provisions that are mapped to Target Provisions

Initially, the Matched tab will have 0 Provisions in it as no mappings have been run.

To run your first mapping, click the Mappings button on the top right. The Select Target Authorities modal will appear, from which you can select your Target Authorities. Note that there are two Authority lists:

  1. Hailey - this contains all Authority documents that can be used for automated Hailey mapping
  2. Manual - this contains Authority documents that can be used for manual mapping (see here)

In this article we will be manual mapping, so select a Target Authority document (or multiple documents) from the Manual list, then click Ok.

The next step is to select a search term to filter the Target Provisions.

ONLY the Target Provisions will be filtered by this search term.

In this example, our search term is 'data'. Click Ok to run the search.

Once the search has been run, the modal will display how many target Provisions have the search term you selected.

In this example, there are 13 target Provisions in the target that have the search term: data.

To view, the results click View Results.

The Mappings tab will be updated to display:

  1. Provision Comparison section - displays Source and Target Provisions for comparison
  2. 4 sub-tabs:
    1. All - shows all Source Provisions and their associated mappings
    2. Matched - shows all Source Provisions and Target Provisions that are Matched
    3. In Both but Different - shows all Source Provisions that are similar but not Matched
    4. In Source Only - shows all Source Provisions that are unique

Matched Tab

When manual mapping, unlike the Hailey Mapping process, no Provisions will be automatically Matched, so there won't be any Provisions in the Matched tab.

During the manual mapping process you will match source and target Provisions, and when these matches are made, they will be added to the Matched tab.

In Both but Different tab

When manual mapping, the In Both but Different tab displays ALL the source Provisions in the source Authority and the target Provisions that contain the search term. 

The  Provision Comparison section allows you to view the details of the Source and Target Provisions respectively.

The Provision Comparison section allows you to:

  1. Cycle through Source Provisions 
  2. Cycle through Target Provisions
  3. Match Source and Target Provision
  4. View more Details

Clicking the on the view more will display the Provisions in detail. 

Here you can also cycle through the Source (1) and Target Provisions (2), as well as source and target Provisions (3).

To Match a source and target Provision, click the Match source and target Provisions button. 

The Matched Provisions will now appear in the Matched tab.

You'll note that there is no Similarity %, as this is only displayed when running a Hailey mapping (see here).

Critical to the mapping process is being able to filter source Provisions

You can do this by using the source Provision filter.

In the below example we have filtered the source Provisions by the word 'proxy', and the result is that the source Authority has 3 Provisions with the word 'proxy'.

Lastly, you can always change the initial search term that is applied to the target Authorities by clicking on the search term.

Clicking on the search term will cause the Manual Mapping modal to appear, from which you can update the search term.

Matched Filters

If you have previously run a mapping or downloaded a mapping from the Content Library, during a new mapping round you can toggle these previous mappings ON/OFF by selecting Matched Authorities.

Note - this button is only available in the Matched tab.

From this modal you can toggle ON/OFF previously mapped Authorities.

Toggling them on will display them in the Matched and All tab.

To learn about Hailey mapping, head here.

To learn about Authority reporting using these mappings, head here.