Weighted Score Assessments

The weighted score allows you to create your own index/scoring framework for each question within an assessment.

The overarching concept is designed to generate a numeric score depending on what responses have been selected for each question within each question domain.

Create a Weighted Assessment

To start assigning questions a weighted score, in the creation stage either from scratch or from an existing assessment the type of Weighted Score needs to be selected. To learn more about creating assessments, head here.

Assign Questions a Weighted Score

In the Assessment Builder click "add question". Select the question type you would like to use, this example will use the default Multiple Choices.


By default, the question has no waiting and the answers have a waiting of 1. The corresponding number can be changed in the box next to the question and answer. Each question needs to be assigned a weighting before saving the question.


Weighting – The weighting of a response is a simple multiplication of the question's weight and the response weight. For the above example, if the answer is 25% - 49%, that response has a weighting of 3 and the question as a whole has a weighting of 1. Therefore it is a total weighting of 3. 

When the question has been saved the weighting can be shown in a table and edited by clicking on the respective fields.

To learn about the other type of assessment, Risk Rated, head here.