Responding to Responsibilities

Learn how to respond to assigned responsibilities and what actions you can take.

Task Overview

When a responsibility has been assigned to you it will be visible via the Tasks list. 

Learn how to assign users responsibilities here.

To learn more about the Task dashboard, click here.

Assigned Member Responding 

Click on the name of the responsibility you want to address under the name column.

This brings up the Responsibility details and the Activity associated with it.


The main body of this section shows all the details associated with the responsibility. What the responsibility is, any details or actions that need to take place, when it is due and how often, which team members are associated with the report, and what control it is linked to. 

Your Response

In the "Your Response" section, users can mark a response as complete, write details and upload any supporting documents.

Once you have filled in this section you can select Mark as Complete which will close any actions you need to take. This will reflect in the Task Dashboard as seen below. The status of the responsibility will then be updated to complete.

Owner Responding 

When all the users who have been assigned a responsibility complete their respective responsibility tasks, the status of responsibility itself is then changed from Open to Closed automatically. That being said the responsibility's status can be updated manually by the control set or responsibility owner.   

Control set or responsibility owners can see all the assigned responsibilities and their current status by navigating to the control set and selecting Manage Tasks. 

Individual responsibility tasks can then be closed by the owner.

To learn how to assign responsibilities, head here.