Documents and Notes & Guidance for Requirements

Add documents and define notes and guidance for requirements

When building the assessment, you can add documents, as well as defines notes & guidance for each of the requirements. The user responding to the assessment will then be able to access and view the uploaded documents and created notes and guidance.


To add reference documents to a provision or control, click on the provision or control then click on the + button next to Attachments.

You can then drag and drop files into the upload component, or browse for files on your computer. Once you've selected the files, click Upload.

Files that have been added will be displayed under the Attachments dropdown.

You can also Download and Delete these documents by clicking on the Action button.

Notes & Guidance

When creating an assessment, notes and guidance can be added for each of the requirements. These can then be viewed when completing the assessment. To add notes and guidance, click on a provision and then click the + next to Notes & Guidance.

The sid panel will display a rich text editor where you can enter text. Once you have added the relevant text, click OK.

You can add multiple notes and guidance and it will appear in a list (1). Once your are done, click the back arrow next to Add Note (2).

All the notes and guidance items can be viewed under the Notes + Guidance header for the selected provision or control.

You can also edit and delete notes and guidance by clicking the Action button.