Publish an Assessment

Learn how to Publish an Assessment and prepare to send it out to respondents.

Preview an Assessment

Before publishing any assessment or template it is a good idea to preview the questions and see how the respondents will view the questions. To do this, click on the preview button in the assessment builder.

A preview of the assessment will appear. This preview displays the content and format the assignee will see. 

Ready to Publish

Once an Assessment is ready to publish you will need to change the Assessment Status from Draft to Approved and then to Published. 

The assessment can now be sent out to responders for completion. To learn how to assign responders and send the assessment, head here

Publish a Template 

Publishing a template has one additional step to ensure you can use it throughout your 6clicks platform. At the last step of changing the status to publish a popup will appear. Select publish as an internal template and click publish. This template will now be visible when creating new assessments.