Completing a PCI DSS Assessment and Generating a RoC Report

This article will outline the baseline steps required to complete a PCI DSS assessment and then generate a 6clicks Pixel Perfect RoC Report

There are three main steps to completing a PCI DSS assessment and RoC report:
  1. Content: Download PCI content from the in-app Content Library
  2. Assess: Kick-off and complete a PCI assessment
  3. Report: Generate a PCI DSS RoC report

Step 1: Content

Navigate to the Content Library and add the "PCI DSS 3.2.1 RoC Assessment Template" to your 6clicks team:

Note that this content is a bundle of a PCI DSS 3.2.1 authority document, assessment template, and the RoC report template.

Step 2: Assess

Once the content has been added from the Content Library, it's time to create and send the PCI assessment.

Add a new assessment:

Choose a requirement based assessment:

Select the PCI DSS template added from the Content Library:

Continue through the setup of your RBA and send to your respondent(s), as required, being mindful not to remove any default fields from the Content Library template as these are related to the RoC report generation.

For information on publishing and responding to the RBA, go here

Step 3: Report

Once the assessment is submitted and the status is "Completed," we can generate the RoC report.

Navigate to the completed assessment in your Audits & Assessments list:

Click the Report tab:

Note that the RoC reporting template is available to you from the Content Library content previously downloaded. Choose Generate Report:

The PCI RoC report is generated as a Word document file with the details of the assessment populated, as required, in Section 6:

For more information on reporting capabilities, specifically templated and 6clicks Pixel Perfect, go here.