Complete an Issue Action

Learn how to complete an Issue Action from the task dashboard

Navigate to Task Dashboard

On any page click the clipboard icon on the top right 

Now filter the type of task to Issue Action. To learn more about Tasks, head here.

Responding to an Issue Action

Select the Issue Actions name you want to address; the Issue Details will now appear which you can now address and comment on. 

You can mark an action as complete by either changing the status of the Issue to edit and selecting the Action Status from open to complete.

When you have finished updating the action make sure to set the edit status back to publish.

The status of the Issues action on the Task Dashboard will now be marked as complete. 

Commenting on an Action

Additionally, 6clicks users can comment on actions and provide details or progress updates on the status of a specific action. When an action is selected click on the comments tab; the following screen will appear and all users who are responsible and own action can interact and inform other users.

To learn more about Actions, head here.