Complete a Risk Treatment Plan

Learn how to complete assigned Risk Treatment Plans on the 6clicks platform.

Navigate to Task Dashboard

Click the My Tasks module from the left side panel. 

Click the filter type dropdown and select Risk Treatment Plan. To learn more about Tasks, head here.

The number of tasks will appear next to each accordion based on the filter Type chosen. 

The task status can be changed from the Status column. 

Select the risk treatment plan from the respective accordion. Click Linked To to be brought to the respective risk. 

Responding to a Risk Treatment Plan

Select the name of the  Risk Treatment Plan you want to address, this brings up the Risks and the Treatment Plans Details.


From this view, there are two key statuses you may wish to action. The overall Treatment status is related to the whole risk or the specific treatment plan status.

Before any changes are made change the publish status to edit.

You can change the Treatment Decision of the risk to the below options. 

You can now change the Treatment Status of the risk to the below options. 


Alternative the status of the specific plan can be either open or complete.

Note - When you have finished making changes to the plan set the status back to publish. 

The status of the Task dashboard will be updated to Complete.


Whilst updating the status you can also leave comments to keep your team updated on the status of the treatment plan.

Learn how to create Risk Treatment Plans here.