Managing the 6clicks partner marketplace

Unique to the 6clicks platform is the capability to define content available to your clients.

Unique and core to the 6clicks platform is the capability to distribute content to your clients.  The content includes authorities (standards, laws and regulations), policies and control sets, risk libraries and assessment templates. 

Non-partner accounts only have access to the public 6clicks Marketplace, whereas your clients will be able to access exclusive content that you have created. 

The diagram below illustrates the nature and relationship of marketplace content.

The difference between the exclusive and public marketplace

As a 6clicks Partner, you can publish content that's then made available to your clients. This then makes up your own exclusive marketplace of content which can be: 

  1. Content from the 6clicks Marketplace. 
  2. Content from the 6clicks Marketplace that you adapt and/or rebrand for your clients.
  3. Your own unique content that your clients only have access too.