Understand the architecture of the 6clicks Partner solution

The 6clicks Partner solution has a unique architecture that enables streamlined service delivery for advisors and rapid time-to-value for their clients

The 6clicks architecture consists of two key entities:

  1. Partner Team (parent): the team your advisors / consultants belong to 
  2. Client Teams (children): the team your clients belong to

The Partner team is the 'parent', while the client teams are the 'children'. A partner team can have one or more client teams as 'children'.

The 6clicks partner - client (parent - child) architecture allows partner advisors to log in to client accounts support and manage their risk and compliance activities. client teams are isolated instances that are either run by your clients, or by your advisory team as part of a managed service. 

The other benefits of our partner - client architecture are:

  • Define the content for their exclusive Content Library  which only your clients have access to. Partners can upload and monetise their own content, or select from the 6clicks open  Content Library
  •  Streamline the onboarding process of clients using our client templates, e.g. create templates for specific types of engagements, while also ensuring repeatability and scale
  • Use 6clicks as a business development too by running risk reviews and sending assessments
  • Partners receive a referral income based on client usage

There are a number of related risk and compliance activities that can help automate and scale partner engagements with clients. These processes are run through the client's team instance and vary depending on the 6clicks license the client has.  

Licenses & Billing


As a partner, there is a set monthly fee for Active Advisors, i.e. Active Users in the partner account. You can manage your Active Advisors in the User Management page under Administration. To learn more about Advisor billing, head here.


There are three different license types for clients:

Free License

The 6clicks free license is designed to help support your broader team participate in your organisation's risk and compliance processes by providing useful but limited free access to 6clicks functionality. To find out more about the free license, head here.

Just Risk

The Just Risk license is designed to take your team's risk management to the next level with tools to manage the full life-cycle of risk. Including limited risk reviews and risk treatment. To learn more, head to the plan comparison page.

Risk & Compliance

The Risk & Compliance license is perfect for organisations looking to automate and better manage the full life-cycle of risk and compliance from a single platform and includes the full suite of 6clicks functionality. To learn more, head to the plan comparison page.

Billing Models: Resellers and Non-Resellers

There are two types of billing models for partners and clients: resellers and non-resellers. In either scenario, partners receive the agreed-upon referral fee. 


In this scenario, clients pay for their own licenses and usage. Advisors can still access their client teams and support with their risk and compliance activities.


In this scenario, the partner pays for the licenses and usage of their clients. Partners receive a single consolidated invoice with the breakdown of licenses per client.