The 30-day go-to-market challenge for 6clicks Partners

Here we define our proven 30-day enablement process for 6clicks Partners to ensure rapid time-to-value for clients and advisor service delivery model transformation

Through our experience, 6clicks Partners need just a matter of days to be ready to launch service offerings with clients.  

There are two major processes you can enable and use with clients within a very short amount of time:

  • Run a Risk Review
  • Run a Risk Assessment

Risk Reviews

Risk Reviews are great in order to:

  • Gain client insights into risk priorities through a digital mechanism.
  • Prospecting (demand creation) through a highly topical, executive-level interaction.
  • Gain insight and a point-of-view for marketing and public relations use.

Risk reviews are best conducted using the 6clicks Mobile App. 

Learn more about how to conduct a risk review with your clients here

Risk Assessment

Client Risk Assessments are great in order to:

  • Prove productivity gains associated with your consulting service offerings.
  • Digitizing client-facing processes.
  • Developing and testing go-to-market offerings.

Risk reviews are best conducted using the 6clicks Web App. 


To drive internal adoption and client value immediately, we recommend using both the Risk Review and Risk Assessment process with your clients.