Risk Registers - Custom fields

To manage your Risk Register custom fields please follow the steps below. 

Click on Risks and then Registers

Click on More and then Manage fields

Note that you need to be Administrator to see the Manage Fields option

The Manage Fields window will open up where you can modify your custom fields as you wish

1- By clicking the 6 dots on the left handside you have the option to rearrange any fields by dragging and dropping them

2- Click on the three dots on the the right handside to Edit, Delete and Enable/Disable a field

3- Red and green dots indicate whether a filed is enabled or disabled. If a field is enabled it will show up on the overview if it is disabled it will not show up

Every field is considered a Parent which has a child and grandchild fields with its own options, Add Child Field, Edit, Delete and Enable/Disable. 

Note: If a parent is disabled all its subcategories will be disabled

To add a brand new field click on Add Field button 

Enter the new field details and hit Save

Any user attempting to make any changes to Manage Fields must have admin privileges. 

Bulk adding response options

Single-level custom fields

When creating a custom multi-select or dropdown field, you can bulk add answer options. To do this, click the Bulk Answers button when creating/editing the custom field.

In the Add answer option field, enter your answer options, with each answer option on a separate line (1). Once you have entered your response options, click Save answer options (2).

The answer options will be displayed in their respective answer option fields. Click Save to complete the custom field setup.

The custom field has now been successfully created and available in all risks.

Parent-child custom fields

When creating a custom multi-select or dropdown field with child fields and even grandchild fields, you can bulk add response options for parent, child, and grandchild custom fields all at once. To do this, first create the parent, child and/or grandchild fields without adding any answer options (keep the answer option field blank). 

When creating child and grandchild fields, the warning indicates the parent field does not have any answer options. That's ok because we are defining the parent, child and grandchild structure first, then we will bulk add answer options. Click Save to continue

Once the field structure has been defined, click Edit in the dropdown menu of the parent field.

Next, click Bulk Answers.

When bulk adding, you will need to define answers for all the field answers, which in this example is:

  1. Parent field
  2. Child field
  3. Grandchild field

First-level or parent field answer options are defined by adding text directly to the line. Second-level or child field answer options are added under parent field answer options with '- ' appended to the front of the answer option (note the space after the dash). Third-level or grandchild field answer options are added under child field answer options with '-- ' appended to the front of the answer option (note the space after the dash). Answer options are delineated by hitting enter on the keyboard (new line/carriage return). Once done, click Save answer options.

After saving, you will see the answer options added to the parent field.

Click the back button at the top to return to the Manage fields screen in the side panel.

If you go to edit either the child or grandchild fields, you can see the answer options have been added.

The fields and answer options will also appear in each of the risks ready for use.