Exclusive Marketplace: Adding Content

Content can be easily added from the 6clicks Open Marketplace to a Partner's exclusive marketplace for Clients to access and use.

Note - For a Partner user to be able to add content to their exclusive marketplace, they must be an Administrator.

To access your marketplace, select Marketplace from the top menu. Select between Public, the 6clicks Open Marketplace, and Exclusive, your exclusive market which only your clients can see.

To add an item to your exclusive marketplace from the 6clicks Open Marketplace, select the Public button on the top right.

To add a Marketplace Item, click on the plus icon to the right of the banner at the top of each item.

A confirmation prompt will appear, select Yes to continue.

The item is now available to all clients created in your Team.

Once successfully added, the text and icon within the banner will update to then provide the option to remove the item from your exclusive marketplace.

Click on the icon to the right of the banner to remove the item from your exclusive marketplace.

It's important to note that your clients will only have access to your exclusive marketplace, and will not be able to view the 6clicks Open Marketplace. 

Learn more about Authorities, Controls, and Assessments here.