Tasks - Sorting & Filtering

Sorting & Filtering

In the Tasks screen, the Column Headings are used to manage the sorting and filtering of your Task report so you can view and access any combination of Tasks and customise the information to suit your needs.


You can sort your Task List alphabetically in ascending or descending order using any of the Column Headings.

Click once anywhere within a Column Heading to display in ascending order, an upward arrow will appear to the right of the heading window so you can reference or undo as required

Click again in the same Column Heading to sort in descending order, note the downward arrow for reference

Click again to remove the Sort function

Sort can be applied to one column at a time, if sort is applied to one column and then an additional Column Header is selected the original column sort will be removed and applied to your new selection.


The Filter panel at the top of the Task screen has four Filter options, each corresponding with a Column Heading of the same name

Filter by Task Type, Action Status, Action Owner and Due Date

Included is a Search bar so you can instantly access a specific Task when required

Let's go through some examples of how to manage this user-friendly efficiency-boosting function so you are only ever a few clicks away from the exact information you need, every time you need it

Select the arrow symbol to the right of a Filter bar to view filter options, you can select one, some or all of the filter options shown in each Filter bar

Check the box next to a filter option corresponding with the Column Header you would like to display, then click anywhere outside of the filter options drop-down menu to display results.

For example, Filter Task Type selection of an Issue Action to display all Issue Actions

Filters can be layered so you can create Task Lists to display any combination of results

Layer a second filter to drill down even further, example below

Filter selection Task Type: Issue Action

Filter selection Action Status: Planning

Result: Issue Actions with Status of Planning

Filter by Type, Status, Owner, and Due Date 

Due Date gives you many options including Custom so you can see what Tasks are due any date, This Week, This Month, Last Month, and Custom Range allows you to choose a date range 

Example of all using all four Filter options with multiple selections

Task Type: All 

Status: Planning and In Progress

Owner: Jane & John

Due Date: Last Month

Sort by Due Date Ascending

Let's remove an Owner by deselecting the checkbox next to their name

Sort Due Date by descending by clicking the Column Header once more

Now we can see all Tasks Owned by John that were due to be progressed to Status of Complete last month, in order of the most overdue.

Remove filters by clicking the X to the right in each Filter selection

All results now displayed again

Another example is utilising Tasks to stay ahead of what you have due

Filter Tasks to show all Actions with an Open Status, assigned to yourself 

Task Type - all options selected

Action Status - Planning, In Progress, Review

Owner - Jane 

Sort Due Date by Descending 

Filter Due Date by This Week

Any filter options previously selected will be shown at the top of the drop-down menu so you can easily edit or view data filtered out

This gives you transparency over the data set you are viewing, and the options to edit or remove filters as required

Calendar View

A great time management assistive feature in Tasks is the Calendar View option, simply select the Calendar button at the top centre of your Tasks screen

You can view all Tasks using this view to assist with long term planning and time management, this feature also has all of the functions available in the Tasks Filter and Search panel at the top of the Tasks screen