Risk Treatment

Once Risks have been identified and assessed you can manage the treatment of these Risks from the mobile in Treatment. 

Note that Risk Treatment is only available on the Just Risk and Risk and Compliance Licenses.

Click on one of the Risks to open the Risk Treatment page. 

Here you can assign Risk Owners, update the Risk Rating, and set the Treatment Decision and Status, as well as track updates under the Activity tab. 

Only a Risk Review Owner can update the Risk in the Risk Treatment page, while Risk Review Contributors get read-only access.

The Risk Owner can override the team average risk rating by selecting the Pen icon.

The first time you click to update the Team Risk Assessment average a prompt will appear asking if you want to override the average.

Hit Yes and update the Risk Assessment average. Once done, tap the Pen icon and the Risk Rating will be updated

You can also assign Risk Owners using the User icon

Key to the Risk Treatment screen is setting the Treatment Decision and Status, which can be down using the Decision and Status dropdowns.

The Decision options are:

  • Reduce
  • Retain
  • Avoid
  • Transfer

The Status options are:

  • Draft
  • Approved
  • Treatment in progress
  • Treatment paused
  • Treatment cancelled
  • Treatment Completed
  • Closed

Any details of the Risk updated or added here will be reflected in the Web App, while any updates done to the above fields in the Web App will be reflected in the Mobile App

Lastly, there is an Activity tab that keeps track of all updates under the Activity tab.

You can also add comments to the Activity screen.