In-Built Assessment Reporting (RBA)

Once a requirements based assessment has been completed the results can be viewed in the 6clicks Assessment Results report.

To access the report, click on the reporting & analytics module (1), then select Audits & Assessments > Assessment Results > Assessment Name.

The top table of the results report shows a list of the requirements, as well as the related assessment responses. 

You can also generate a chart, by using the X-Axis and Y-Axis filters. The X-Axis filter displays the response fields, while the Y-Axis filter displays attributes of the requirements. 

In the above example, the X-Axis is the Maturity Level (this is a field that the assessment respondent filled in when completing the assessment), the Y-Axis is Domain (this is an attribute of the requirement). The result is a chat that maps Maturity Level against the Domains of the authority to control set.

Additionally, there are a number of other filters, including the attributes of the requirements in the authority or control set, the response fields, as well as if the requirements have attachments as part of the response, or linked risks or issues.