Partner users and key activities

Understand the main user types for a 6clicks Partner and related common tasks and activities within 6clicks

Typical key roles

The people in your team will typically take on one or more of these three roles.  

Role Description
Administrator The administrator sets up the environment and defines the core terms, processes and the definition of client templates, the exclusive  Content Library, tags and import files.
Advisor Power User The Power User is responsible for building assessment templates and risk reviews for execution with clients and also helps to provision content to the exclusive Content Library.
Advisor User The Advisor User executes and reviews the assessments that are answered by clients

Typical key tasks

The following 

Key tasks Administrator Advisor Power User Advisor User
Customize the style including the logo and colour palette X    
Import existing assessments and risk reviews X    
Build a client assessment X X  
Build a client risk review X X  
Define pull-through service offerings   X  
Define sales conversion presentation   X X