Key Risk Indicators and Risk Appetite

Creating Key Risk Indicators and reporting on your Risk Appetite using Metrics

Metrics can be assigned to risks to become Key Risk Indicators or KRIs. To learn how to create a metric, head here

To assign a metric to a risk, head to the Risk module and select or create a risk. Once in the risk details screen, make sure the risk's status is in Edit, and then select the add metric button. 

From the Associate Metrics modal, select the metrics you would like to add, then hit save.

Metrics and their related description/risk appetite can be viewed by clicking on their respective badge and they will be displayed in the right-hand panel.

KRI and Risk Appetite Reporting using Risk Metrics

To report on risk metrics and KRIs (i.e. the metrics associated with risks), head to the reporting module (1). Then select the Risk Reports and the Risk Metric Report (2).

To report on risk metrics and KRIs, use the filter to select risk domains, tags or risks. Risk domains display all metrics associated with the risks within the selected domain(s), while the tags filter displays all the metrics with the selected tag(s).

The description of each risk is also displayed. The description can be used to define your Risk Appetite for each of the metrics. This is added when creating a metric and can be updated via editing the metric